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Did You Know?

Oceangoing container vessels have greater transportation abilities than many people imagine. Here are some comparisons to put the size of one of our largest (9,500 TEU) vessels in context:
  • Fully loaded such vessel carries 9,500 20' containers. This capacity equals a train 36 miles long or could be used to store 220,000,000 bottles of soda.
  • The horsepower of the main engine equals that of 1,250 family cars.
  • The reefer capacity of such vessel is equivalent to a fridge containing 14,000,000 chickens.
  • A large containership travels about 170,000 nautical miles every year. That would be equal to travelling by ship 7.5 times around the world every year.
  • One 40' high cube container has about the same dimensions as a city bus.
  • The length of the vessel is 384 yards, nearly equal to four football/soccer fields.
  • Half of the power of the installed engine could support basic electrical power needs of a town of about 10,000 households.